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WYHS Whitehall Yearling High School Reunions

The Official WYHS Alumni Web Site is wyhsAlumni.org

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Please be sure to visit wyhsAlumni.org and register with the site. The wyhsAlumni.org web site is the central hub for all Whitehall Yearling High School alumni events, activities, fund raisers, and projects. While my wyhs.org site will continue to have information of interest to WYHS Alumni, the goal is for wyhsAlumni.org to become the "go to" web site for all WYHS Alumni.

WYHS Whitehall Yearling High School Reunions

Upcoming WYHS Alumni Reunions, Events, and Get-Togethers

With the development of an official alumni web site, I'm no longer listing WYHS Class Reunions and Get-Togethers. I'll continue to list web sites, blogs, Facebook pages, etc., related to WYHS and Whitehall, but for reunion and get-together information, please visit wyhsAlumni.org.

Please Scroll Down for Links to Alumni Web Pages, School Web Pages, and Whitehall Community Web Pages

Please Note: The listings on this page are a work in progress. I don't know anything about the sites listed here. If you have questions about a site, please contact someone involved with the it. Please let me know if any of the information listed needs to be changed or is inappropriate.

If you have a WYHS-related page, blog, or web site that might fit in here, contact me, Rob Fish, Class of 1971, Email: rob@wyhs.org

WYHS Whitehall Yearling High School Alumni Web Pages

Links to WYHS alumni pages and/or sites

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1967-1968 Concert Band photo on Facebook (with close-ups)

1967 to 1973 Multi Class Albums
     If you're going to follow just one link on this page, it should be this one. Joyce has
     put together an amazing amount of information.

1967 to 1973 Multi Class Area on Facebook

1971 Class Website

1978 Class on Facebook

1983 Class on Facebook

WYHS Band on Facebook

Band Photo Album on Facebook

Jerry Dixon's Video Tour of 1987 WhitehallPart 1Part 2

Kahiki Memories

Kahiki History

Kahiki Trivia Questions and Slideshow  &  Answers

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The wyhs.org web site is a hobby for me. The time I spend working on the site is often time I should be working on my home-based business. You can support the wyhs.org web site by ordering a dry erase calendar from my www.cCreations.com web site, scheduling a class at my www.BasicHydraulics.com web site, ordering dry erase markers and plastic holders for the markers at my www.MarkerClips.com web site, or buying a Warm Fuzzy.

Whitehall Ohio Community Pages

Links to Whitehall Schools and Whitehall, Ohio Community pages and/or sites

Whitehall City Schools (the official school district web site, includes links to all school info)

WYHS on Facebook

Whitehall, Ohio Web Site (the official city web site)

City of Whitehall Facebook Page

WCCA (Whitehall Community Celebration Association) Facebook Page

Whitehall Historical Society - be sure to check out their Photos page!



The wyhs.org web site is not affiliated in any way with Whitehall Yearling High School, Whitehall City Schools, the City of Whitehall, or any other entity.

I started the wyhs.org site in July of 2000.

My wife, Paula (Replogle) Fish, WYHS Class of 1971, had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis sometime around 1986. We started a home-business so I could care for Paula, and developing the wyhs.org site was a fun hobby I did after Paula and the kids were all tucked in their beds.

I lost all interest in the site after Paula died in 2003, going from 2003 until 2016 without doing anything with the site. I've hung on to the domain name and kept the site online with some sort of vague idea of someday updating the site and including ads for some of my products.

"Someday" finally arrived in March of 2016.

The old site included things like an alumni directory, photos of WYHS Hall of Fame inductees, photos from various class reunions, photos from various alumni events (alumni marching band at Homecoming, for example). Updating and maintaining those kinds of things would take more time and effort than I have available, so this version of WYHS.org will be a listing of things or interest to WYHS alumni, with links whenever appropriate.

You can support this updated site by "liking" and "sharing" it on Facebook, "pinning" it on Pinterest, using catalog code "wyhs" when ordering a custom calendar from my www.cCreations.com web site, or purchasing a "Warm Fuzzy Feeling."

If you are organizing a reunion, get-together, or non-profit activity in Whitehall, Ohio, I'll be happy to list it on the site - just drop me an email with the details.

Rob Fish, WYHS Class of 1971, rob@wyhs.org